Kagoshima Foreign Engineer’s Residence and Reverberatory Furnace

Kagoshima Attractions#3
Kagohima City holds some World Heritage Sites.Shuseikan is the most easiest one to visit.
It includings Machinery Factory,Former Kagoshima Foreign Engineer’s Residence and Reverberatory Furnace.These facilities are allowed to go inside,and you could learn some information about old days.


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The Statue of Saigo Takamori

Kagoshima Attractions#11
The Statue of Saigo Takamori is famous photo spot in Kagoshima City.Saigo Takamori is very popular historical figure as a leader of Meiji Restoration.
4-36,Shiroyama-cho,Kagoshima City

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Hirakawa Zoological Park

Kagoshima Attractions#15
Hirakawa Zoological Park
You could meet Koalas,Giraffes,Zebras,Elephants,Rhinoceroses and over 100 animal species.As of now,there are two koala calves.

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Kagoshima City Aquarium

Kagoshima Attractions#27
Kagoshima City Aquarium is famous for its whale shark’s huge water tank,dolphin performance,spotted seal and others.You would relax at there through watching dolphin tank from bench.

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Kinko Bay

Kagoshima Attraction#32
Kinko Bay(Kagoshima Bay)
This bay has many attractions.
1.Great nature including scenery and animals and plants like kind of dolphins,tubeworms,fishes and candels.
2.Marine Sports including swimming,yochtting,cruising,kayaking and others.
3.Seafoods including Red Sea Bream and Japanese Amberjack.


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Kagoshima Attractions#33
This traditional Japanese garden,famous for its UNESCO World Heritage and great view,is made in 1658.Thus it has some restaurants,souvenir shops and guided tours,you could enjoy a calm time here.


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Haragosha Shrine

Kagoshima Attractions#34
Haragosha Shrine
”Sakurajima-Kinkowan GeoPark” has 20 geosites.Haragosha Shrine is established by refugees from Sakurajima(In 1779,Sakurajima had erupt largely,so many residents became unable to live there).
I’ll promise you that the view of Sakurajima from here is very good!

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Kagoshima Attractions#36
Hot Spring Kingdom, Kagoshima
Kagoshima has more than 2000 hot springs. Especially Ibusuki and Kirishima, as they’re known throughout Japan. You will find first natural hot spring foot bath at the Kagoshima airport!


Kagoshima Ramen

Kagoshima Attractions#35
Kagoshima Ramen
Its soup is mainly based on tonkotsu. It’s a pork bone broth and chicken stock, vegetables, are added. The size of the noodle is a bit thicker than normal. It is served with pickled. It’s really popular in Kagoshima! each shop has separate recipes Please try to find your favorite shops!

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