Non-alcoholic shochu

Kagoshima Attractions#49

You could find non-alcoholic shochu “Kozuru Zero”in Kagoshima.You can taste as shochu straight,on the rocks,and mixed with hot water .

Dining&Shopping 2018.03.18

Ryugamizu Station

Kagoshima Attraction#48

Unstaffed train station”Ryugamizu” is famous for a landslide occured in 1993.Many passengers on the train at station have rescued just befored it occured.There are mostly no people that come to this station.
10252 Yoshino-cho,Kagoshima City

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Kagoshima Attractions#47

Satsuma-Yaki was brought to Japan by Korean artisans in the 16th century.They were exhibited at the 1879 Paris Universal Exposition and enjoyed great popularity.”White satsuma”(see the photographs) has cream color and contains fine cracks,sometimes painted with flowers and animals. “Black Satsuma” is a container for convenient use.
*photo credit:Chin Jukan

Dining&Shopping 2018.03.18

Kagoshima Marathon2018

Kagoshima Attractions#46

Kagoshima Marathon 2018 was held on March 4.10000 runners started at Dolphin Port at 8:30.Many people from other countries also competed in this event .

Event 2018.03.18


Kagoshima Attractions#45

Senbonkusu means “a thousand of camphor trees” named after these over twenty 800 years old camphors’ thick branches.They look like dragons simetimes.

Nature 2018.03.18

Kushikino Sunset Park

Kagoshima Attraction#44
A very good place to take sunset’s photo.You could see East China Sea,Koshiki Island,and Kinpo-zam in gold scenery.


Nature 2018.03.18