Queens Shiroyama


Kagoshima Attractions#55
Queens Shiroyama
Sailing boat famous for its 60 minutes cruising in Kinko Bay “Queens Shiroyama” is able to be chartered and have a party.Sometimes this boat is used as wedding party,and a reunion party.

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Kohtsuki River


Kagoshima Attraction#54
Kohtsuki River running through the central part of Kagoshima city is a important water resource.At spring,you could see many cherry blossoms,planted by Kagoshima JC in 1979,along the river!

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Shimizu Jyo

Kagoshima Attractions#53
Shimizu jyo,one of the ruins of not that famous castles in Kagoshima,is constructed in 1387 and used for 150 years.As of now,we can look part of defensive wall and moats still.

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Kagoshima Attractions#51
Ferris wheel of Kagoshima Chuo Station.The hight reaches to about 90 meters.The illuminations and the night view is also popular.

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Kakaran Dango

Kagoshima Attractions#52
One of Kagoshima’s low-blow sweets which is made from gloutinous rice powder,sweet red bean paste,wormwood and sugar.”Kakaran” is leaf wrapping of this sweets,one spiecies of sarsaparilla.

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Cathedral of St. Francis Xavier (Xavier Church)

Kagoshima Attractions#50
Cathedral of St. Francis Xavier (Xavier Church)
St. Francis Xavier is the first Christian missionary who arrived Kagoshima,Japan in 1549.Xavier Church is the church dedicated the saint constructed in 1908(You could see the part of building at Xavier Park from that period,in front of Xavier church).In 1999,the current building was replaced and Xavier’s arm was reached to the church.
St. Francis Xavier’s body is lying on Basilica of Bom Jesus,Goa,India.


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