Kagoshima Marathon2018

Kagoshima Attractions#46

Kagoshima Marathon 2018 was held on March 4.10000 runners started at Dolphin Port at 8:30.Many people from other countries also competed in this event .

Event 2018.03.18

Ogionsa Festival

Kagoshima Attractions#40
Ogionsa Festival
Kind of lively traditonal festival since the Edo period.JCI KAGOSHIMA is also involved in that deeply.With the call of”Soiya”,portable shirines parade the streets around Tenmonkan.


Event 2018.02.26

Ohara Festival

Kagoshima Attractions#22
The biggest festival in Kagoshima is held 2nd-3rd November called Ohara Matsuri.Tens of thousands of people will dance along Downtown’s streets this year,too.The number of spectators can be reached to hundreds of thousands.


Event 2018.02.26


Kagoshima Attractions#20
In July,shrines and temples in Kagoshima hold Rokugatsudo festival.At rokugatsudo festival,shrines and temples are decorated by Japanese lanterns.The biggest rokugatsudo is Terukuni shrine’s one,gathers about 100,000 people in 15th and 16th of July.

Event 2018.02.26