Kagoshima Attractions#45

Senbonkusu means “a thousand of camphor trees” named after these over twenty 800 years old camphors’ thick branches.They look like dragons simetimes.

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Kushikino Sunset Park

Kagoshima Attraction#44
A very good place to take sunset’s photo.You could see East China Sea,Koshiki Island,and Kinpo-zam in gold scenery.


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Kinko Bay

Kagoshima Attraction#32
Kinko Bay(Kagoshima Bay)
This bay has many attractions.
1.Great nature including scenery and animals and plants like kind of dolphins,tubeworms,fishes and candels.
2.Marine Sports including swimming,yochtting,cruising,kayaking and others.
3.Seafoods including Red Sea Bream and Japanese Amberjack.

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Haragosha Shrine

Kagoshima Attractions#34
Haragosha Shrine
”Sakurajima-Kinkowan GeoPark” has 20 geosites.Haragosha Shrine is established by refugees from Sakurajima(In 1779,Sakurajima had erupt largely,so many residents became unable to live there).
I’ll promise you that the view of Sakurajima from here is very good!

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Napoleon Rocks

Kagoshima Attractions#42
Napoleon Rocks
This 127m height rock “Napoleon rocks” named after Empire’s profile.You could see that not only from shore but also from cruise ship.

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Kamou Giant Camphor Tree

Kagoshima Attractions#12
Kamou Giant Camphor Tree
The biggest tree in japan is Kamou Giant Camphor Tree grown at the ground of Kamou Hachiman Shrine.Age is about 1,500 years.Circumference is 24.2m.

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Kagoshima Attractions#1
Kagoshima City is famous for its volcano Mt.Sakurajima which erupts hundreds times every year.
You could see see magnificant view not form the city side but also from the mountain.
You could cross the bay by Sakurajima Ferry.

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