Visa Information

*Dear 2018 JCI ASPAC Kagoshima Participants*,

We wish to wholeheartedly welcome all of you to the forthcoming 2018 JCI ASPAC Kagoshima.

We understand some of you will be required to obtain entry visas for travel to Japan. Hence, I would like to provide you with guidelines pertaining to applying for your entry visa into Japan.

*The ASPAC Kagoshima COC is responsible in principle for:*

1. Legitimate current and former members of (specific Local Organizations of good standing National Organizations of) JCI.

2. Spouses or families of legitimate members of JCI

3. Applicants must have paid the registration fee in full to JCI WHQ through JCI’s registration system

4. Any other guests or speakers who JCI WHQ has approved, regardless of whether they have paid a registration fee or not.

5. In principle, the Kagoshima COC is responsible for the members categorized above, who will be visiting Kagoshima during the ASPAC period and for whom their main and only purpose is to attend 2018 ASPAC Kagoshima. In other words, the COC shall not be responsible for people coming to Japan for any other purposes.

6. The COC also wishes you to understand that although the COC will render assistance according to the above-mentioned conditions, *only the Japanese Government is authorized to approve the issuance of visas for entering Japan*.

*Based on the aforementioned fundamental principles, the COC is currently considering taking the following action steps:*

-1. COC requests that you verify whether you are required to obtain an entry visa for Japan or not.

-2. To verify whether you require a visa to enter Japan, the COC strongly recommends you communicate with the Japanese Embassy in your country.

-3. Or, the COC recommends that you access the website of Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

-4. *If you find out that you are Not* required to obtain a visa to enter Japan, what you must do is simply register through the proper channel of the JCI WHQ and prepare for your travel to Kagoshima.

-5. *In case you find yourself required to obtain a visa* to enter Japan, the first step you must take is to make the registration through the proper channel of the JCI WHQ.Then, please send an email to the COC at to let us know your registration is completed, along with a copy of your passport.

-6. The COC will communicate with the JCI WHQ to confirm if you have paid your registration fee or not, as well as your membership status.

-7. With the confirmation of positive feedback from the JCI WHQ, the COC will then proceed to issue you with the proper paperwork to apply for your visa to enter Japan.

-8. The COC will ask applicants to provide a copy of the main pages of their passport containing their photograph and fundamental information such as, passport number, date of birth, passport issue and expiry dates, etc., as soon as they have made the decision to attend 2018 JCI ASPAC Kagoshima.

-9. Based on the information you provide to the COC, the COC will then basically issue the following documents:

  • a.Cover letter
  • b.Official invitation letter
  • c.Official letter of guarantee
  • d./Shohei Riyusho/ (Letter of Reason for the invitation, in Japanese)
  • e./Mimoto Hoshosho/ (Letter of Guarantee, in Japanese)
  • f.If necessary, confirmation letter of your hotel booking reservation

-10. When the paperwork is finalized, the COC will provide you with these documents, digitally first, and then the COC will ship you the hard copies of these documents by courier service.

-11. The COC will ask you to apply for your entry visa into Japan at your closest Japanese Embassy in your country. Please also note that to obtain approval and be granted an entry visa, it shall take *at east four to five ( 4~5 ) working days*. This is a best-case scenario. But if not, it may take up to two weeks for your visa to be issued, so please take this into consideration and proceed with your preparations accordingly.

-12. For your reference, based on our survey, as far as countries in the Asia and the Pacific area, nationals of the following countries

require visas:

  • Bangladesh
  • Bhutan
  • Cambodia
  • India
  • Indonesia (Indonesian nationals can obtain visas upon arrival at the airport in Japan)
  • Myanmar
  • Nepal
  • Sri Lanka
  • Thailand
  • Timor Leste

Thank you very much for your cooperation and the COC is looking forward to seeing all you soon in Kagoshima!

Inquiries concering Visas